METAR Station Graphs

Below is the older METAR Network station data plotted as a graph. You can click on any station from the list of stations below to have the data plot displayed in the window. You can also choose data and report views in the window as well as mouse over the data points in the graph to get exact values.

A future version of this will be linked to a larger USA map, toy allow clickable views of data.

These are the older network stations nearest to the Climate Reference Stations in each states

METAR STATIONS - GRAPH Displays by State

--- WA:

--- OR:

--- CA:

--- NV:

--- ID:

--- MT:

--- WY:

--- UT:

--- AZ:

--- CO:

--- NM:

--- ND:
--- SD:

--- NE:

--- KS:

--- OK:

--- TX:

--- MN:

--- IA:
--- MO:

--- AR:

--- LA:

--- WI:

--- MI:

--- IL:

--- IN:

--- OH:

--- KY:

--- WV:

--- VA:

--- ME:

--- NH:

--- NY:

--- RI:

--- PA:

--- CN:

--- TN:

--- NC:

--- MS:

--- AL:

--- GA:

--- SC:

--- FL:









Maps quick links:

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Difference Gradient Temps in F

Graphical Station Data:



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