Monthly Data Reports

This page shows reports of data and averaging calculations for each daily report for the last month.


CRN monthly data from NCDC are ingested via web fetch around the 7th day of each month (sometimes later depending on the Federal holiday schedule) and used to generate these reports as well as the monthly maps.

The challenge for this project was to get these two asynchronous data sources synchronized. Currently every effort is made to get the two data sources synchonized and plotted on the same map about one hour and fifteen minutes behind real time. For the most part, all CRN and METAR stations have reported by this time

Averaging Reports:  this process runs just prior to image building. Image building pulls the average figures out of these reports and plots the data on the map. The national average temperature is derived from a simple average of all stations.

Archived Monthly Reports:

2008 Average Monthly Reports - text files
2009 Average Monthly Reports - text files
2010 Average Monthly Reports - text files
2011 Average Monthly Reports - text files
2012 Average Monthly Reports - text files

2013 Average Monthly Reports - text files 

Maps quick links:

Data acquisition times

Fixed Gradient Temps in F

Variable Gradient Temps in F

Difference Gradient Temps in F

Graphical Station Data:



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